Daymark congratulates Swift Current Energy :: Daymark congratulates Swift Current Energy :: Daymark Energy Advisors

Congratulations to our client, Swift Current Energy, on their latest contract award in Maine! Maine’s renewable portfolio standard requires that 80% of retail electricity sales in the state come from renewable resources by 2030 and that requirement increases to 100% by 2050. To move the state further toward these goals, the Maine Public Utilities Commission administered two procurements for energy or renewable energy credits from qualifying renewable resources – one in the fall of 2020 and one recently in the spring of 2021. The Commission announced the results of its most recent procurement (Tranche 2) on June 29, 2021, and Swift Current’s 120 MW Greene Apple solar project was the largest of seven renewable energy projects selected. Swift Current’s Three Rivers Solar project was selected last fall in Maine’s first procurement (Tranche 1). Daymark proudly assisted Swift Current on both of these successful project bids, providing price modeling insight and expected CO2 emission reduction impacts.

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