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La Capra Associates unveils new name on its 35th anniversary

BOSTON; PORTLAND, Maine — Nov. 9, 2015 — La Capra Associates, a leading energy consulting firm serving the North American electricity and natural gas industries, announced at the celebration of its 35th anniversary that it has changed its name. The new name, revealed on Saturday, is Daymark Energy Advisors.

Daymark Energy Advisors’ president, Marc Montalvo, said, “‘Daymark Energy Advisors’ clearly expresses who we are and what we do. The name is a more direct articulation of the company that we have become and aspire to be in the future.” Montalvo, named as the company’s president in August, is the company’s third president in its 35-year history.

The firm was started in 1980 by Richard La Capra and has operated as an independent consulting services firm ever since. In 2001, it was incorporated and transitioned to an employee-owned company. Daniel Peaco succeeded Mr. La Capra as president and chairman of the board in 2002 and served in that capacity until July of this year. Peaco continues to serve as the board chair and as a principal consultant.

The company’s 35th anniversary celebration featured a presentation on the significant changes in the industry and in the company over its history. Peaco announced the name change, saying, “Our company has succeeded and grown by adapting to the changes in the industry and, in so doing, helping our clients succeed in dealing with that change. As we reflected on the keys to our success, ‘Daymark Energy Advisors’ became an obvious expression of who we are today.”

Montalvo spoke to the name and the future of the company. “The word ‘daymark,’ a ‘navigational guide in daylight,’ is indicative of the firm’s role in the industry. The time is right to recognize the growth and development of our firm by adopting a name that states clearly what we do. We are a team of professionals who guide our clients with insightful analysis and cogent, actionable advice,” he said. “We strive to be a premier provider in our field by helping clients navigate the uncertainties of the market and regulatory environment, and capitalize on them.”

"I built this firm with smart, opinionated people who could adapt to a quickly changing industry,” said firm founder Richard La Capra. “That’s our core value, and that will never change. Dan has done a great job in growing the company, and I have every confidence that Marc will continue the company’s growth and success.”

Daymark Energy Advisors

Daymark Energy Advisors is a premier provider of integrated policy, planning and strategic decision support services to the North American electricity and natural gas industries. We work closely with each client, applying our knowledge, experience and technology to deliver the highest-quality actionable analysis and advice to support efficient and sustainable decisions under uncertainty.

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