Procurement & Contracting

Major actors in the electric and natural gas industries use competitive practices in the buying and selling of their services. The development of Regional Transmission Organizations, state jurisdictional retail markets, and Renewable Portfolio Standards requirements, for example, have added complexity to the procurement process. We work with large industrial, commercial, and institutional energy buyers, utilities, and regulators to plan and implement procurement processes, evaluate bids, and develop and review contracts.

Daymark Energy Advisors offers a range of services to entities seeking to buy or sell energy or capacity into the markets, contract with generation resources, or bid into competitive transmission solicitations.

Our Capabilities
  • Independent Monitoring
  • Electric Power and Natural Gas Supply Procurement (Wholesale & Retail)
  • Portfolio Management
  • Transmission Project Evaluation
  • Energy Project and PPA Procurement
  • Competitive Transmission
  • Generation Default Service
  • Competitive Solicitation
Competitive Transmission Bidding

Southeast, FL

SCOPE: Established minimum qualifications for transmission developers and evaluated qualifications packages to determine project scope and scale for which developers may be considered in the competitive project bidding process.

Solar Procurement

Southeast, Georgia

SCOPE: Advised the state’s Public Service Commission in its review of utility’s solar procurement and the utility’s proposed avoided-cost methodology, submitting findings to Commission Staff.

Procurement of Retail Electric Supply

Northeast , Midatlantic

SCOPE: Provide advice and support for the development of special contracts and tariffs across three service territories.

Independent Evaluator for Wind RFP

Midcontinent South , Oklahoma

SCOPE: Serve as the Independent Evaluator for a utility competitive bidding process soliciting long-term contracts for wind energy supply along with consideration of a utility self-build option.

Wind Energy Power Purchase

Midcontinent North , North Dakota

SCOPE: Evaluate and provide expert testimony on a utility’s proposed long-term contract for 200 MW of wind energy and its associated procurement process and alternatives analysis.

Retail Gas Supply Procurement

Midcontinent South , Texas

SCOPE: Evaluate and provide expert testimony on the reasonableness of the approach and results for gas utility’s procurement and portfolio design.

Marc D. Montalvo
President, Principal Consultant
"Just a quick note to thank you for your efforts in putting together great testimony on behalf of OHA. Another example of why Daymark is my 'go-to' for consulting."

William L. Humes, Of Counsel
Oklahoma City