Energy Storage Systems

See Our ServicesAcross the country, utilities, investors, and developers are looking for opportunities to build and deploy Energy Storage Systems (ESS). The systems under development are small- and large-scale, ranging from kilowatts to hundreds of megawatts, and are stand-alone and paired with renewable energy facilities. The growth of the ESS industry will be driven by procurement targets in places like Massachusetts, New York, and California, by regulatory requirements to evaluate non-wires alternatives in those and other jurisdictions, and by market opportunities across the country. With the recent issuance of FERC Order 841, the RTO/ISOs will now spend the coming months working with stakeholders to develop market participation models that integrate ESS into their wholesale market designs.

At Daymark Energy Advisors, our team is working with ESS developers to identify locations on the power system that are ideally suited to take broadest advantage of the services that ESS offers. We have examined interconnection opportunities at 12kV up through to 115kV. In some instances, the ESS is best suited to provide electricity market services such as capacity, balancing energy, reserves, and regulation. In other instances, the facility is better suited to provide dynamic voltage support and frequency regulation. We have found that the benefits of ESS rarely accrue only from the provision of market or grid services.

We have developed a suite of Energy Storage System modeling and analytical capabilities:

  • Operational Benefits – identifying impacts on congestion, line loadings, pre- and post-contingency steady state thermal and voltage conditions
  • Market Opportunities – investigating the expected revenues that a facility can gain from participation in the wholesale markets
  • Optimal Configuration – developing the power-energy ratio that maximizes the net benefits of the installation
  • Best Locations – identifying locations on the system that are best served by storage and performing interconnection analysis

Our team is at the front end of an exciting time, where a promising technology is being introduced into existing markets and existing infrastructure systems. We at Daymark Energy Advisors are looking forward to bringing our capabilities and insights to RTOs, utilities, developers, and investors that are themselves looking to understand the full value proposition of Energy Storage Systems in the organized markets.

Marc D. Montalvo
President, Principal Consultant