Daymark Energy Advisor's recent work in Canada includes projects in six of the ten provinces. Our firm's electric and natural gas market knowledge and utility regulation expertise provides a foundation for addressing issues within the Canadian regulatory and industry structure.

Our Canadian portfolio includes the following: expert testimony and independent, expert evaluation of the proposed investment of billions in hydroelectric expansion; resource planning; revenue requirement; rates and cost of service studies; capital expenditure plans; energy efficiency programs; transmission system expansion and upgrades; and renewable energy procurement, as well as advisory services to top firms exporting power and RECs to the U.S. markets.

Class Cost Allocation

Northeast , New Brunswick

SCOPE: Evaluate and provide expert testimony on a utility’s proposed class cost allocation study methodology and implications for prospective rate design changes.

Market Assessment for Biofuel

Northeast, Quebec

SCOPE: Conduct research and evaluation of the market for bio-methane in the New England renewable energy markets and in west coast low carbon fuels markets.

Manitoba Hydropower Plan

Midcontinent North , Manitoba

SCOPE: Serve as an Independent Expert to evaluate and provide testimony on the resource planning, economic, transmission, and export contract components of a large scale hydropower development.

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Marc D. Montalvo
President, Principal Consultant
"Just a quick note to thank you for your efforts in putting together great testimony on behalf of OHA. Another example of why Daymark is my 'go-to' for consulting."

William L. Humes, Of Counsel
Oklahoma City