Regulators and Public Policy Agencies

We bring our deep experience with all aspects of energy regulatory processes to bear for a range of governmental organizations active in the regulation of energy markets or in the formation of energy policy. This often includes expert testimony on specialized issues as well as planning and market analysis for state regulatory commissions, energy policy organizations, and others.

In addition, we also assist in helping regulators manage the stakeholder input process. Our experience with a broad range of clients makes us particularly adept in this area.

Utility Strategic Reorganization

Midcontinent South , Arkansas

SCOPE: Evaluate and provide expert testimony regarding a utility’ plan for a strategic reorganization to exit a system agreement and join a regional transmission organization.

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Integrated Resource Planning

Northeast , Connecticut

SCOPE: Develop a state‑wide integrated resources procurement plan by conducting an integrated resource planning analysis and stakeholder process.

Solar Renewable Energy Credit Procurement

Midatlantic , Delaware

SCOPE: Serve as a member of an independent evaluation team to evaluate a utility’s competitive procurement for long-term solar renewable energy credits.

Grid Scale Solar Economic Evaluation

Southeast , Georgia

SCOPE: Evaluate and prepare a report on utility’s plans for four solar projects (136 MW) for cost effectiveness and the project agreements for cost risks.

Manitoba Hydropower Plan

Midcontinent North , Manitoba

SCOPE: Serve as an Independent Expert to evaluate and provide testimony on the resource planning, economic, transmission, and export contract components of a large scale hydropower development.

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Audit of Power and Gas Transactions

West , Utah

SCOPE: Conduct a technical audit and provide expert testimony on the reasonableness of the cost recovery application of a utility regarding its physical and financial transaction for power and natural gas.

Marc D. Montalvo
President, Principal Consultant
"Just a quick note to thank you for your efforts in putting together great testimony on behalf of OHA. Another example of why Daymark is my 'go-to' for consulting."

William L. Humes, Of Counsel
Oklahoma City