Competitive Energy Suppliers and Service Providers

We have broad experience in all aspects of the wholesale markets for electricity and natural gas, including the generation business in all its many forms, the intricacies of market environments, and the challenges of transactional activities.

Whether you are an energy producer selling to the wholesale market or a broker connecting producers and consumers, we can help you with a wide range of challenges. This includes market assessments and analysis, support of marketing and operations, asset valuation, and regulatory and design support. In addition, we offer extensive experience with regulators in diverse regulatory environments.

Generating Asset Valuation

Northeast , New England

SCOPE: Conduct an analysis of the value of power generating stations and provide expert testimony on the market value of those assets.

Capacity Market Mitigation Rule

Northeast , New England

SCOPE: Evaluate and provide expert testimony regarding changes to the Forward Capacity Market mitigation rules proposed by the independent market monitor.

Renewable Energy Retail Product

Northeast , Massachusetts

SCOPE: Provide advisory and market analytic services for the structuring of a renewable energy retail product offering.

Capacity Market Bid Strategy

Northeast , New England

SCOPE: Conduct an analysis of market fundamentals and risk factors as input to decisions on bidding strategy for the forward capacity market.

Renewables Policy Options

Southeast , North Carolina

SCOPE: Lead a stakeholder process and conduct analysis and report assessing policy options to advance renewable energy, energy efficiency, climate change, and economic development goals.

Market Assessment for Biofuel

Northeast, Quebec

SCOPE: Conduct research and evaluation of the market for bio-methane in the New England renewable energy markets and in west coast low carbon fuels markets.

Marc D. Montalvo
President, Principal Consultant
"Just a quick note to thank you for your efforts in putting together great testimony on behalf of OHA. Another example of why Daymark is my 'go-to' for consulting."

William L. Humes, Of Counsel
Oklahoma City